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Faculty Research Papers and Publications

Posted on: Aug 30, 2018



Explore our faculty’s most recent publications. The following lists the latest publications from the vibrant scholarly community at Concordia University of Edmonton. 


Faculty of Science

Mariola Janowicz: Agnieszka Rybczyk, Przemyslaw Czerniejewski & Mariola Janowicz. First Record of Red Colouration in Atlantic Cod Gadus morhua L. (Gadiformes: Gadidae) from the North SeaActa Zoologica Bulgarica 70 (2) 269-272, 2018

Faculty of Arts

Marcella Siqueira Cassiano: Juren Lin and Yuxi Xie, Ed. Linda Grove, Trans. Marcella Siqueira Cassiano. A Century of Change in a Chinese Village: The Crisis of the Countryside. London: Rowman & Littlefield, 2018

Faculty of Education

Brent Bradford: Bradford, B. & Hickson, C. (2018). Impacting student learning: An introduction to the teaching continuum in elementary school physical education. Active + Healthy Journal. 25(1), 41-48.

Tim Loreman: Susanne Schwabab, Umesh Sharmac & Tim Loreman. Are we included? Secondary students’ perception of inclusion climate in their schoolsTeaching and Teacher Education. (75) October 2018. 

Brent Bradford and Tim Loreman: Canadian Preservice Teacher Views of Inclusive Physical EducationAustralasian Journal of Special and Inclusive Education. 42 (1) (Special Issue: Preparing Special and Inclusive Educators for Their New Roles in the 21st Century), 2018