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Elizabeth Smythe

Dr. Elizabeth Smythe
Professor of Political Science, Program Coordinator-Political Economy
Phone: +1 780 479 9371
Office: FH202
Fax: 474-1933

PhD, 1994, Political Science, Carleton University
MSc, 1972, International Relations, London School of Economics
BA, 1971, Political Science, McMaster University.

Teaching and Research interests:
comparative, international politics, international trade, negotiations and food standards, transnational social movements.

Research areas:
International relations, especially negotiations over trade and investment rules and the transnational social movements and other networks that try to influence them, including the World Social Forum.

Research projects:
For the past three years I have been working on a SSHRC funded research project: What’s in the Package? Transparency, Trade and the Politics of Food Labeling. The research project concerns national and international food standard and labeling regimes looking at the role of international organizations like the Codex Alimentarius and the World Trade Organization and their member states. Using case studies of food labeling involving GM food, country of origin and processing methods and international standards regarding the use of growth-promoters in meat and dairy production the project examines who (both state and non-states actors) has influence over these rules.

I am also currently involved in project examining the role of faith groups in the global social justice movement particularly as they relate to the World Social Forum.

Relevant publications:
Elizabeth Smythe, (forthcoming ) Food Sovereignty, trade rules and the struggle to know the origins of food in Globalization and Food Sovereignty: Global and Local Change in the New Politics of Food edited by Peter Andrée, Jeffrey Ayres, Michael Bosia and Marie-Josée Massicotte (University of Toronto Press).

Jackie Smith, Scott Byrd, Ellen Reese, Elizabeth Smythe (eds) (2011)Handbook of World Social Forum Activism Boulder, Colorado: Paradigm Press.

Elizabeth Smythe (2011) “Canada and the Negotiation of Investment Rules at the WTO”, in D. Bratt and C. Kukucha (eds) Readings in Canadian Foreign Policy: Classic Debates and New Ideas, Second Edition Toronto: Oxford University Press pp. 406-425.

Peter J. Smith and Elizabeth Smythe (2010) Academic Disconnections? Social Scientists, Faith Groups and Transnational Activism: The Case of the World Social Forum Feb 17, 2010 Annual Meeting, International Studies Association.

For more detailed information, please see  Elizabeth Smythe’s Curriculum Vitae.