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Exclusively for CUE Employees: Leadership Development Course

Posted on: Aug 30, 2019

Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) is pleased to introduce a new Leadership Development Course exclusively for CUE employees. The intent of this professional skills development course (X-PSD 91) is to create a pool of CUE employees who have developed effective leadership skills that will assist them in their current and potential future roles at CUE. 

Learn more at our Info Session: 

An info session for this new course has been scheduled for TuesdaySept 3, 2019 in HA206 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.

Join us and learn about this new course!

Register here!

About the new course:

The course will be facilitated by CUE’s President, Vice-Presidents and senior management, covering topics such as exploring leadership, teamwork, communication, supervising others, examining unconscious bias, and leadership at CUE.

The schedule for the course is as follows: 




Module leader

Module 1

Exploring Leadership

4:30-6:30 pm,

October 15, 2019

Dr. Tim Loreman

Module 2


4:30-6:30 pm,

November 12, 2019

Dr. Manfred Zeuch

Module 3

Skills a supervisor needs:

Part one: Communication

4:30-6:30 pm,

December 10, 2019


Module 4

Skills a supervisor needs:

Part one: Supervising others

4:30-6:30 pm,

February 4, 2020

Dr. Valerie Henitiuk

Module 5

Examining unconscious bias

4:30-6:30 pm,

March 10, 2020

Dr. Barbara van Ingen

Module 6

Leadership at CUE

4:30-6:30 pm,

April 7, 2019

Dr. Tim Loreman

Learn more at our info session:

Date: Tuesday, Sept 3, 2019
Time: 4:30 to 5:30 pm
Location: HA206
Register here

For more information about the info session, please feel free to email extension@concordia.ab.ca