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Indigenous Knowledge & Research Centre

Métis Week: Reading & Discussion with Marilyn Dumont

Métis Week celebrates the culture, history and contributions of Métis people to Alberta and Canada with events held across the province. CUE will be hosting a variety of sessions during the week of November 14-20 to highlight local Métis artists, business professionals and scholars.

Join us for a virtual poetry reading and discussion as facilitated by Marilyn Dumont. In this session, Marilyn will read from a variety of her collections (including new works) and discuss engagement in her courses at the University of Alberta.

Marilyn is an award-winning Métis poet who has published collections such as A Really Good Brown Girl (1996), green girl dreams Mountains (2011), that tongued belonging (2007) and The Pemmican Eaters (2015). Marilyn is an Associate Professor in the Native Studies and Arts faculties at the University of Alberta.

Register here: www.tinyurl.com/dumont-cue