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Introduction to Market Research

Have you ever struggled with market research for your business? Learn the basics of market research and how to go about it in this introductory workshop! Market research can help you gain insight into your industry, competition, and target market, and help you create effective strategies for starting your business. Get information on Business Link’s market research resources that you can access for free!


About the speaker: Mr. Dale Schuab has a background in business administration and currently works with Businesslink AB as a business advisor. In this role, he advises companies all across AB in topics such as business finance, regulations, accounting, marketing, sales and operations. He has extensive experience advising entrepreneurs looking to start Cannabis-related business ventures.


This session is targeted towards Innovation Launchpad @ CUE students but everyone is welcome to attend!


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In case of questions about this event, please contact Isha Katyal, Manager, CIAR at isha.katyal@concordia.ab.ca