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Edmonton Transit Service – ETS@Work Program

Posted on: Aug 3, 2021

Transit Passes at Reduced Cost

CUE is pleased to partner with Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) to provide employees with a discounted rate for ETS monthly transit passes. Monthly transit passes are available to employees at an approximate 24% discount. To participate in the program, employees must commit to participate for a minimum of six months.  Payment is through employee payroll deduction each month.  

The ETS@Work program requires a minimum of 10 employee participants at all times for CUE to remain eligible for the program. Should the number of participants drop below 10 at any given time, ETS will suspend CUE’s participation in the ETS@Work program.

Aside from saving money on a monthly pass, benefits of being part of the ETS@Work program include:

  • Convenient payment option
  • No parking hassles
  • Environmentally friendly

For participating employees, transit passes will be available for pick-up each month in the CUE Bookstore. 

If you would like to join the program, please contact hr@concordia.ab.ca