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Dr. Shaun Aghili Wraps Up Awesome Experience in Brazil

Posted on: Mar 23, 2017

A message came in from Dr. Shaun Aghili this morning. He spent two weeks at partner UNIVATES University, in Lajeado,  south Brazil (ca. 120 km from the capital Porto Alegre), with teaching, research and program cooperation talks:

This was a great experience and a productive trip. I am leaving Lajeado at 3 PM today […] THANK YOU for arranging this trip for me.” This trip will bring new collaboration opportunities between CUE and UNIVATES. In addition, with a CUE group of 11 students being interested in spending two weeks at UNIVATES in the summer of 2017 for a very interesting immersion program, and their students on our campus, there is growth in the relationship with this excellent partner.

Thank you, friends from UNIVATES, for welcoming Dr. Aghili so warmly!

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