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Dr. John Washington Research Cooperation and Publication

Posted on: Sep 1, 2016

Dr. Washington has extensive experience in materials and inorganic syntheses as well as expertise in a large number of analytical, spectroscopic, and spectrometric techniques.  A long term and continuing research interest is the syntheses and catalytic applications of organometallic molecules.

1) Recent work has been focused on the detection, identification, and quantification of potentially hazardous materials in the environment.  This is part of a larger Research Cluster within the Faculty of Science investigating cytotoxicity in selected invertebrates and fish in Alberta (Interdisciplinary Research Group on the Biological Effects of Contaminants on Fish and Invertebrates in Alberta)  This project represents a collaborative effect between different Departments in the Faculty of Science at Concordia.  Specifically, faculty members from the Departments of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Public Health, and Physical Sciences combine their various areas of expertise in order to investigate a project of considerable breadth.

2) Additional current research is in the general field of Materials Chemistry.  The specific focus is on the development of novel silicon-based nanomaterials that can act as safe and reliable electro-optic materials for use in electronic devices and sensors.  This work is carried out in the research laboratories of Prof. Jon Veinot at the University of Alberta and represents a collaborative effort between these two Edmonton-based institutions. A publication, fruit of this collaboration, can be found here: John Washington – Nano Technology. Another article is waiting for publication.

Dr. Washington bio: John Washington – Biography