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Dr. Bill Anderson is pleased to announce the publication of his sixth book on Film, Philosophy and Religion.

Posted on: Sep 7, 2021

Dr. Bill Anderson, Professor of Pop Culture and Religious Studies at CUE, is pleased to announce the publication of his sixth book (fourth edited volume with Vernon Press) on Film, Philosophy and Religion.

The book features two chapters by faculty and two chapters by alumni as a reflection of the Research Culture here at CUE.

Dr. Travis Dumsday’s chapter is “Watching Prisoners Through the Lens of Patristic Teachings on Evil, Demons and Spiritual Warfare” and Dr. Jonathan Strand’s is “Aristotle at the Movies: Epistemic Virtue in Film”.

Sarah Cameron (BSc 2019) has a chapter entitled “The Horror of Evil in Ridley Scott’s Alien Universe: Deriving Hope and Faith through Biblical Revelation and Wisdom Theology” and Erin Archer (MA 2020) has a chapter entitled “Love Can Thaw a Frozen Heart: The Philosophy of Love in Disney’s Frozen Films”.

Bill’s own chapter, “King David as a Biblical ‘Goodfella’ and ‘The Godfather’: Cultural-Social Analogies with Monarchy and La Cosa Nostra”, was read by Martin Scorsese who gave it “Two Thumbs Up”.

For more information on the book, please go to https://www.amazon.com/Film-Philosophy-Religion/dp/1648892922/.