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Concordia’s Food Bank

Posted on: Dec 17, 2018

The Concordia food bank is intended for students who find themselves short on resources to purchase food. It is to provide temporary assistance to students struggling to feed themselves. It runs on an anonymous basis and students can make use of it on an as needed basis.

The items in the food bank are made possible through donations and the efforts of volunteers who work to keep the food bank stocked and organized.

Support for the food bank is always appreciated.  We accept monetary donations as well as donations of non-perishable food items and personal hygiene products.  We also have room for small amounts of household items.

If  you would prefer to donate items rather than money, below is a list of items that can be donated:

  • Canned meats (tuna, ham, chicken, etc.)
  • Canned pastas and stews
  • Canned and dry soups (Mr. Noodles, etc.)
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Pasta and pasta sauce
  • Noodle and sauce packets
  • Rice and seasoning packets
  • tuna helper/hamburger helper
  • Peanut butter
  • Cereal  (including instant oatmeal packets)
  • Canned fruit (including fruit cups, applesauce, etc.)
  • Pudding cups
  • Snack items (granola bars, breakfast bars, crackers and cheese, etc.)
  • Canned milk
  • Juice boxes (any size)
  • Canned vegetables (any kind)
  • Canned beans (kidney beans, lentils, chick peas, pork and beans, etc.)
  • Shampoo
  • Bar soap
  • Deodorant
  • Razors
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • School supplies (pens, pencils, note books, paper pads, etc.)
  • Mittens, scarves, hats
  • Cups, glasses, plates, bowls, etc.
  • Cutlery (plastic or metal)
  • Pots, pans, and other cooking utensils

Please contact Judy Kruse or Barb vanIngen if you have any questions about donations, or would like to make arrangements for pickup of items.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!