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Concordia Concert Choir: Relationship Incubator

Posted on: Oct 11, 2018
Family photo at Erin & Macalan's wedding

Thanksgiving weekend 2018 saw the wedding of recent Music alumna Erin Strand, daughter of Philosophy prof Jonathan Strand, and current Music student and Concordia Thunder announcer Macalan Boniec-Jedras, who tied the knot in their own inimitable way (although the groom wore a suit instead of his signature multi-coloured pants).

Erin and Macalan are but the latest in a long line of matches made in the Concordia Concert Choir, a history which also includes Erin’s brother Justin and wife Kristen Kahle (2014). Earlier this year Concert Choir contemporaries Gerdiene Slomp and Karl Trautmann wed, and planned for spring is the joining of two more of their choir buddies, Raeliene Wruk (now in the Ed. program) and Jacob Ree.

Attending Sunday’s wedding along with his parents Alex & Marion was young Caleb Timm, the next generation of the Concert Choir family.

Choir weddings since 2014 include:
Kristen Kahle & Justin Strand
Larissa Wildfang & Willem Kubke
Karen Onizaki & Jeff Gabert
Marion Kubke & Alex Timm
Gerdiene Slomp & Karl Trautmann
Erin Strand & Macalan Boniec-Jedras
Raeliene Wruk & Jacob Ree (spring 2019)