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CONCORDIA and PUCRS (Brazil): A joint project in fish distribution.

Posted on: Jul 23, 2014

To model the distribution of species is an emerging trend in science as it allows predicting animal or plant presence even in areas that have not been sampled yet. Usually this new approach uses satellite images and information concerning species presence or abundance and merging them all together by mathematical models. In the present common project, Concordia and PUCRS are evaluating the distributional patterns of an endangered trout species distributed along the Southwestern part of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. This species, usually restricted to high altitudes, is now suffering from hybridization with an introduced trout 
species from USA. To identify the areas where the invasive species will be able to hybridize and where the native trout will remain relatively protected is the main goal of Dr. Mariola Janowicz (CUCA) and Dr. Nelson Fontoura (PUCRS).


Mariola_Nelson_Office_PictureRocky_Mountain_River smnall 

Mariola_Nelson_Rocky_MountainsSampled_Points_insert_fish small