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Chrome River Update: Goods Receipt Module Suspended

Posted on: Apr 16, 2021

Effective Friday, April 16 the Goods Receipt Module will no longer be available for use.

Since going live with Chrome River we have had complications with this Goods Receipt module functioning correctly. Due to the the module being a new product from Chrome River there are still some adjustments that need to made in order for the module to function correctly with Concordia’s Purchase Order process.

We are working with Chrome River to hopefully have this module work for us in the future. In the meantime, Concordia will continue to require 3 way matching for payment of Purchase Order (PO) invoices.  With the suspension of the Goods Receipt module Accounts Payable will be forwarding PO invoices to the Purchase Order Creator for this confirmation.  

PO Creator:  please watch for these invoices in your Inbox and Approve by:
1)  Adding a note in the Comments Section stating “Goods Received on MMM DD/YY”
2)  Attaching one of the following records: shipping receipt, packing slip or bill of lading