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Chrome River Training Camp!

Posted on: Sep 15, 2020

For those that do not know, Chrome River is our new expense management system that will be used to process invoices and expenses. Familiarize yourself with the program before we go live by taking the training linked down below!  

There are three types of training linked:

  1. Creating and Submitting Expense Reports (For Anyone submitting expenses/invoices) –  This training is designed to familiarize employees on how to create, review and edit your expense reports in Chrome River. 
  2. Submitting and Approving Invoices (For Individuals with signing authority)– This training is more for those that have signing authority to approve invoices. Familiarize how to submit, approve and review invoice reports in Chrome River.
  3. Approving Expense Reports (For Individuals with signing authority)- This training is also for those that have signing authority to approve expenses. Familiarize how to approve and process employee expense reports. 

Training registration can be accessed here: https://www.chromeriver.com/training/registration

Feel free to email Finance@Concordia.ab.ca or complete our anonymous Google Form if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, comments, etc.