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Chrome River – Changes to Invoice Coding and Approval Routing

Posted on: Jul 15, 2021

Currently Routing Accounts “00-0000-XXXX” are used as a means for Accounts Payable to enter invoices into Chrome River without knowing the exact account where these will be expensed.

However, we are seeing many issues with Chrome River when these invoices need to be split or reallocated to another department.   Chrome River is aware of this and their engineers are working to resolve the issue but this fix is still well over a month away.

To alleviate the approval routing issues, Accounts Payable will begin emailing departments prior to entering the invoices into Chrome River to obtain the correct GL account and distributions.  For those invoices that are paid by PO or are recurring we will use the information as per the PO or in the vendor history.

It would be very helpful if the department, when forwarding invoices to Accounts Payable, would provide the GL account(s) and distribution(s) at that time.  All invoices will still be entered into Chrome River and will then route for approval based on the GL account(s) provided.

Once Chrome River has this issue fixed it will be thoroughly tested to ensure it works correctly for Concordia.  Once we are satisfied we will reinstate entering invoices into Chrome River with the Routing Accounts.

Thank-you for your understanding. 

Any questions can be directed to accountspayable@concordia.ab.ca.