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New Teaching and Learning Resources

Posted on: Apr 1, 2021

New! Office of Teaching and Learning

Starting on April 1st, the Senior Educational Developer, Daniel Braun, will lead the newly created Office of Teaching and Learning, reporting directly to the AVPR. In this new office, we are also very pleased to welcome a new Instructional Designer, under the direct supervision of the Senior Educational Developer. Information on this new position will be released separately.

What types of services will the Office of Teaching and Learning Provide?

The OTL offers educational development and instructional design support tailored to the needs of CUE’s instructors and academic units. Ready to collaborate with subject matter experts from every department across our institution, we contribute our pedagogical, technological, and design expertise to your teaching and learning initiatives. We are also your first stop for questions and ideas about flexible delivery, happy to help you manage changes no matter which modality, or combination of modalities, you’ll employ. Whether it’s dynamic recorded lectures, interactive learning modules, engaging classroom discussions, cheat-resistant assessments, or anything else teaching and learning related, we’re excited to offer our support!