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Care for the whiteboards

Posted on: Mar 17, 2022

We have noticed two whiteboards have been very hard to clean lately. Please be aware that Saber solution, the disinfectant in the spray bottle, is for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection only, it is not suitable for whiteboard erasing. Whiteboard erasers remove whiteboard marker from the whiteboard and if you need a solution to help clean the residue/buildup we use Electroclean, which is whiteboard friendly solution along with paper towel or microfibre cloths.  Using the wrong solution on a whiteboard damages the surface which makes cleaning it (and writing on it) very difficult and often needs replacing which is expensive and time consuming. Please contact Beverly Wainwright at beverly.wainwright@concordia.ab.ca or Andrew Sterne at andrew.sterne@concordia.ab.ca if you would like Electroclean or microfibre cloths/paper towel with the classroom number. Thanks for your help in keeping the whiteboards in good condition.