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Campus Print Changes for Students

Posted on: Apr 15, 2016

Campus Print Changes for Students

For students using the multi-function printers (MFPs) on campus, please take note that the printing procedures have changed.
Once you send a print job to any of our MFPs(CUCA_PRINT), you will need to specifically release your print jobs (and incur the associated cost) after logging into the MFP device; essentially turning what is now a one-step process into two separate steps.

The advantages of separating those steps include:
1) A more intuitive login screen. It will now report that "You have X print jobs pending release," instead of always saying you had no print jobs pending (because they were already being printed).
2) The ability to review the cost of each print job before committing to it.
3) The ability from the MFP to delete a print job before it prints and avoid the cost.
4) The ability to release your print jobs in a different order than they were submitted if funds are limited.

Instructions on how to release your print jobs after login are available online in PDF format.

Faculty and staff printing is not affected by this change.