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Bring your creations to life. Learn why intellectual property matters

Posted on: Oct 29, 2019

Thinking of an idea or an invention? Or maybe a business name, product design, or original artistic work?

Working on an app based business idea? 

Come and join us in learning the basics of intellectual property (IP) and ways to protect, and use your IP.

Date and time: 1 November 2019 2-3 pm

Location: BMO-CIAR, AW125

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About the speaker:

Marnie is an IP Advisor with Canadian intellectual property office (CIPO), based in Edmonton. She has a Bachelor of Science in biology, and a Master of Business Administration, and has completed internships in technology transfer and marketing with the University of Saskatchewan and with Sony in Japan. Marnie has worked with federal, provincial and territorial organizations, in policy development and program delivery.