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Attention MasterCard Holders

Posted on: Mar 29, 2019

Effective immediately, all MasterCard holders must submit to Accounts Payable monthly, a completed and signed MasterCard Expense Form (MEF) – available on Alfresco – in addition to their e-statement download and supporting receipts.

  • Your Credit Card statement will be available on the 27th of each month.
  • To complete the MEF, perform the following:
    • Print the PDF Statement from Spend Dynamics (note: you will receive an email when the statement is ready).
    • Similar to your non-Mastercard expense reports – List all transactions for the month from the PDF statement in the MEF. To assist with completion cardholders can copy and paste transactions into the Mastercard Expense Form from an excel export of their transactions – see tutorial and instructions on Alfresco.
    • Do not include “Automatic Payment Received” in your MEF.
    • If space is insufficient continue on page 2. Note: the total from pg. 2 will automatically input on pg. 1.
    • Enter purpose and GL coding into the MEF.
    • E-mail the completed excel MEF workbook to accountspayable@concordia.ab.ca.
    • Attach PDF statement with supporting receipts.  Please number your receipts to your statement and MEF for referencing.
    • Sign the MEF and submit to your BCO for review and approval.
    • Submit BCO approved MEFs to Accounts Payable, S208, by the 4th business day of the following month.