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Arun Passi Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Posted on: Oct 19, 2023
We are pleased to announce the 2023-2024 recipient of the Arun Passi Memorial Scholarship for Studies in Education – Rachel Ironmonger. The family of Arun Passi, a CUE alumnus, created a legacy in his honour that will benefit students in the Bachelor of Education After Degree program. 

“I am so excited to finally be pursuing my after degree in Education at Concordia! My background is in languages and theatre and I’m excited to become a teacher and share my passion for learning with the next generations. This scholarship is a tremendous support to me and my family. I have two small children and being a student and a parent is certainly a juggling act! This financial support really helps to relieve at least one of the stressors impacting my studies. Thank you to the Passi family and to all the people who support students financially, you make a huge difference!”