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Accounts Payable Deadline for Christmas Break

Posted on: Dec 4, 2017

We are quickly approaching our Christmas break and the end of the calendar year so we want to ensure that all necessary accounts are paid.

If you have any vendor invoices, expense claims or cheque requisitions that need to be paid before the Christmas break please ensure that these payables are received in the Accounts Payable Office S208, by Monday, December 11, 2017. Our goal is to have everything paid that is received by this date.

We ask that you please ensure that all paperwork is complete. This would include all receipts listed and attached, expense claims totalled and all payables approved with correct account numbers noted. Incomplete paperwork will cause a delay in processing and may result in not having a cheque prepared prior to the Christmas break.

We cannot guarantee payment for any payables received after the December 11th deadline – we will make every effort but a cheque may not be prepared until we return from the Christmas Break in January. Priorities for late payables will be vendor invoices, contractor payments and then expense claims.

It is very important that your paperwork for any T4A payments (contractor invoices, fees for service etc.) is received by December 11th. We can then ensure all accounts are paid in the correct calendar year and the amount reported on the individual’s T4A agrees to their records.

Your assistance in this matter will help us to manage our workload and ensure that all essential accounts are current before the Christmas Break. Please do not hesitate to contact Accounts Payable if you have any questions.