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Accounts Payable 2021-22 Yearend

Posted on: Feb 9, 2022
Just a reminder to everyone that our fiscal yearend is just over a month and a half away. 
To ensure that Concordia’s financial statements are accurate, we strive to have all transactions relating to the 2021-22 fiscal year reported in the correct year.  In order for an expense to be posted to the current fiscal year the services must be rendered or goods received by the Submission Deadlines noted below. 
Payment Type                                 Submission Deadline                    Requirements
EXPENSE CLAIMS 31-Mar-22 Approved Expense Claims must be received via Chrome River by Thursday, March 31, 2022.  Expense Claims received after this date will be paid from your 2022-23 budget.  
MASTERCARD EXPENSES – (CORPORATE MASTERCARD CARDHOLDERS ONLY) 31-Mar-22 Approved March 27/22 MC statement MEF claims must be received via Chrome River by Thursday, March 31, 2022.  MEF Claims received after this date may be considered 2022-23 expenses and paid from your 2022-23 budget. 
SERVICE PROVIDER/CONTRACTOR INVOICES 31-Mar-22 Remind contractors engaged by your department, if allowed by contract, to invoice for work completed up to March 31, 2022.   Invoices must be dated no later than March 31, 2022 and clearly indicate the dates work was completed. 
SUPPLIER INVOICES 31-Mar-22 Finalize all orders by the end of February to ensure that goods and invoices are received by March 31, 2022.  Allow extra time as directed by your vendor due to Supply Chain issues.  Back orders and delays in shipping could result in the expense being paid from your 2022-23 budget.  
PAYMENT/PROTOCOL REQUEST FORMS 31-Mar-22 Email approved forms for payments relating to work completed by March 31, 2022 to accountspayable@concordia.ab.ca by March 31, 2022. The form must clearly indiciate when work was completed. Any requests relating to next fiscal year, 2022-23, will be held and entered in April.  These forms can only be used when all conditions are met. 
If you have any questions regarding these procedures please do not hesitate to contact Darlene at extension #209 or email accountspayable@concordia.ab.ca.