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Is your research safe?

Posted on: Sep 16, 2020

Safeguarding your research

The Government of Canada has released a website with important information related to safekeeping research activities and products.

“This website provides information on how to safeguard your research and innovations. Canadian research and innovation are the product of collaborations and partnerships between governments, businesses, and academics – both domestically and internationally – across a wide range of subjects.

The Government of Canada recognizes that open and collaborative research is indispensable to pushing the boundaries of science and addressing complex economic and societal challenges. Canada recognizes the importance of Open Science as a driver for greater innovation and inclusion in research and development.

Nonetheless, there may be risks involved with research and innovation, including theft or misuse of knowledge and results in ways that teams do not intend. It is important to be aware of potential risks and to take the necessary steps and precautions to ensure it is secure. The Government of Canada is proud to collaborate with academic institutions across the country to bring you guidance on how to safeguard your research.

Canada’s multi-disciplinary research community is world-renowned. With the right tools and awareness of the potential risks that may face Canada’s world-leading science and research, we can all play an active role in making sure the benefits of Canadian research and development are realized by those that perform it and for the benefit of Canadians.”


Tools for navigating changing geopolitical realities


Universities Canada has released a set of “Tools for navigating changing geopolitical realities” to assist researchers in understanding and handling the threats that the evolving geopolitical environment poses on their activities. There are physical and virtual threats that may endanger research activities on sensitive subjects.

The resources provided by Universities Canada are useful documents to help researchers assess their level of risk and take preventative actions to minimize such risks. At CUE Research, we encourage you to read these documents. Should you have any concerns, please approach your Department Chair, the Dean of your Faculty, or CUE’s Office of Research Services.

Currently, two documents have been released:

Below are some excepts from these documents.