Open Studies


Open Studies

Concordia University of Edmonton's (CUE) Open Studies program allows students to register in undergraduate university-level courses, without first being admitted to a degree program. The Open Studies program offers flexibility to explore university classes and sample liberal arts education at CUE to better determine future majors, minors or other degree programs. 

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Admission Requirements

To be considered for the Open Studies program, applicants must demonstrate:

  • Fulfilment of CUE's English language requirement
  • Completion of prerequisite courses for the courses in which the applicant seek to enroll.​

Official documents and transcripts are normally required only to demonstrate the fulfilment of these criteria. However, the Ad­missions and Registrar’s Offices may request other documentation for admission and registration purposes.

Course Registration

Students may register in a maximum of nine credits per semester, to a lifetime maximum of 30 credits in the Open Studies program at CUE. Once the maximum credits have been earned, Open Studies students must apply to a degree program to continue at CUE.

Students may register only in those courses that have been designated for Open Studies, as determined by the Registrar. Students in the Open Studies program must maintain satisfactory academic standing as defined in Academic Standing of the Academic Calendar, section 9.3.4. 

Degree-bound students are encouraged to meet with a Registration Advisor prior to registration to ensure they choose courses that apply toward their desired degree program. Students who have already earned post-secondary credentials and wish to register in the Open Studies program may consult a Registration Advisor regarding course load and registration. 

New Student Registration Session

Program Planners and Checklists

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