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The Importance of the Cornerstone to Us Today

by Robin Lewis


The Cornerstone time capsule’s importance is for former, present and future students to learn more of the history of their school. When I first heard of the Cornerstone time capsule, I was confused about what it was. However, after reading and learning about the time capsule and how it was built into the foundations of the first official building of Concordia, I was fascinated. Some of the time capsule items include both English and German bibles, a statistical yearbook, a map of the city of Edmonton, rules and regulations governing students, information about the Missouri synod, as well as many other items. The opening of the school was important to the Lutheran community in both Canada and the United States as it was a place for preparing young men to become ministers. Looking at Concordia 100 years from the opening, one can see how the school evolved from being an all-male Lutheran college to an institution that is open and welcoming to all regardless of race, gender, or religious beliefs. It is interesting to see that the original building from 1925 is still in use and named after the first principal of Concordia, Rev. A.H. Schwermann. It is important to understand the history of Concordia to see how far the school has come; in 1925, there were only 65 students enrolled in the school. Even though Concordia was founded on Lutheranism, it has evolved into an institution where all beliefs are embraced and respected. Understanding the origins of Concordia has given me a greater appreciation of the institution that my family and I have chosen to be a part of.


About Robin Lewis

Hi, I’m Robin Lewis and I am a third-year English major with a minor in Classical Languages and Civilizations. I chose to attend Concordia because of my family history with the school, as my mother, father and other family members have attended Concordia. When Dr. van Dyk reached out to English students about the opportunity to participate in the 100th Anniversary Project, I jumped at the chance to learn more about my school.


CUE Students and Alum to Make Their Own History

Concordia’s CUE 100 committee is very excited to feature the written work of several students and alumni as part of its centenary celebrations. As these celebrations continue, you can look forward to reading short articles by these writers on interesting aspects of Concordia’s history over the past century. Writers were given access to archival documents on particular topics which they were asked to summarize and personally respond to. You’ll be able to discover much about Concordia’s history and how it still resonates among us today. We hope you find these articles both informative and entertaining. Happy 100, Concordians!