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About Concordia

Concordia University of Edmonton is more than an academic institution—we are a community of scholars, dreamers, and doers; people who aren’t afraid to lend a hand, to ask questions, to be bold, to make a difference. For 100 years, we have gathered in the heart of Edmonton’s Highlands and committed ourselves to creating independent thinkers, ethical leaders, and citizens for the common good. From humble beginnings, we have evolved into a place of spirit, connection, and excellence, and are entering our next century with confidence as we strive to fulfill our promise of being Canada’s pre-eminent small university.

We do things differently. At Concordia, we offer an educational experience that goes further—from lectures and labs to campus events and activities, we prioritize the needs of our students and are dedicated to their personal and academic success. We are a boutique university—small enough that every student is essential yet large enough to maintain a global outlook. In and out of our classrooms and halls, we translate what we learn into extraordinary hands-on experiences, and we have grown into a community of students from around the world, committed to making a difference and being leaders in the community.

We want to be a place where students from all walks of life come to discover their purpose, engage in discussion and scholarly debate, and work on leading research projects to address the issues of today and tomorrow. We have momentum, purpose, and potential. As we continue to grow, we will challenge ourselves to do and be more, constantly pushing forward and seeking opportunities to contribute to our local, national, and global communities.

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About Our Centennial

On October 31, 1921, Concordia College opened with classes held in the Caledonian Temperance Hotel under the leadership of its first principal, and later president, Reverend Dr. Albert H. Schwermann.

As we celebrate our centennial, we honour our past. For decades, our students were brought together by a shared belief, despite varied interests and engagements, and majors and minors. This created a unique culture, the foundations of which may still be found throughout our campus today. While we are no longer a faith-based institution, we remain a gathering place—a place of spirit—no matter what drives us. Over the past 100 years, we have built a foundation based on values and principles that we continue to instill in our graduates today. We push our students and employees to ask questions, be bold, lend a hand, and make a difference, and we recognize the spirit, studies, and camaraderie of the past century. Our past lingers in our historic infrastructure, and lives on through those who have been a part of our evolution into the place and community that we are today.

Over the coming months, we will be sharing stories, videos, and information about our past century, and our evolution into the institution we are today. We are also looking forward to hosting a number of events, and will continue to keep our community, and the extended community, updated. We can’t wait to celebrate with you soon.