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A Journey to the Past: Concordia’s Shower Days

by Tarleen Dhanoa


Concordia’s Shower Days, also known as “Donation Days,” were created in the fall of 1933 to assist Concordia students. The committee, part of the Concordia Guild, consisted of ladies in Lutheran congregations of Western Canada interested in overcoming challenges such as lack of money and students’ hunger. Shower Days were held twice a year: once in spring and once in the fall. The shower committee would meet and discuss their goals: creating and developing a greater interest in Concordia College, providing hospitality, and giving financial assistance for students’ welfare. Their goals were carried out by projects and events they created, which allowed the shower committee to collect a generous amount of donations. Since their inception, they received many food items such as butter, eggs, meat, blankets, towels, linens, cash donations, and more. All the contributions were made to the Guild, enabling significant improvements to the lounge area for students. Concordia’s Shower Days committee impacted many students of Concordia and the Concordia community. As a ‘thank you’ to these ladies, Guild Hall was named after them.

When I thought “Shower Days,” I did not expect to read about such a fantastic committee to help students! Shower Days could be seen as today’s food bank but better. The Guild provided the students of Concordia with a better lifestyle that enabled them to achieve more in their academic studies. On behalf of Concordia students, faculty, and community today, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to the Shower committee for what they have done.

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About Tarleen Dhanoa

Tarleen is a fourth-year Applied Emphasis Psychology student at Concordia University of Edmonton. CUE has influenced her passion for psychology significantly. She has pursued an independent research study at CUE while engaging in group research studies as well. Currently, she is a part-time addiction counsellor and will be pursuing her graduate studies to register as a psychologist in the near future. Her ultimate goal is to start her own business and work with those suffering from trauma and addictions.


CUE Students and Alum to Make Their Own History

Concordia’s CUE 100 committee is very excited to feature the written work of several students and alumni as part of its centenary celebrations. As these celebrations continue, you can look forward to reading short articles by these writers on interesting aspects of Concordia’s history over the past century. Writers were given access to archival documents on particular topics which they were asked to summarize and personally respond to. You’ll be able to discover much about Concordia’s history and how it still resonates among us today. We hope you find these articles both informative and entertaining. Happy 100, Concordians!