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The Dawn

by Owen Goforth


The outbreak of World War II saw the recruitment of able-bodied men into the Canadian Military for home defence. Though initially exempt from this draft, the war’s growing severity necessitated the enlistment of Concordia’s students to the war effort. Many went on to serve overseas. In order to show that their school community was with them, Concordia’s Principal, Dr. Albert H. Schwermann, dedicated the 1941-42 Yearbook to those students who were now soldiers. In his message, Dr. Schwermann expressed Concordia’s utmost gratitude to those who were fighting for their country and defending the rights and freedoms that it provided. He concluded his dedication with “God bless and keep you! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! We wish you well!”, a show of community strength that exists to this day. The best part about being a student at CUE is the sense of community and togetherness that is afforded to those who attend a small university. Even now, during a global pandemic, various activities and get-togethers are being held virtually by the student government and school clubs; making sure no one feels left out is a major priority for everyone at CUE.

Even through the toughest of times, Concordia and its community will always stand together in order to rise up and move past whatever obstacle is in our way, and to show that brighter days are always ahead.


About Owen

Hey! My name is Owen, and I am a third year science student majoring in biology and minoring in biochemistry. Though I have always had an interest in biology, my time at CUE has allowed me to nurture these interests into passions that I hope to pursue further with graduate studies. When I’m not studying or working on assignments, you can usually find me spending time with my family or playing video games with my friends.


CUE Students and Alum to Make Their Own History

Concordia’s CUE 100 committee is very excited to feature the written work of several students and alumni as part of its centenary celebrations. As these celebrations continue, you can look forward to reading short articles by these writers on interesting aspects of Concordia’s history over the past century. Writers were given access to archival documents on particular topics which they were asked to summarize and personally respond to. You’ll be able to discover much about Concordia’s history and how it still resonates among us today. We hope you find these articles both informative and entertaining. Happy 100, Concordians!