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100 years of support for students: Concordia University of Edmonton

by Jaeli Willoughby


Dorm Life at Concordia University of Edmonton . . . when I type those words I cannot help but smile. Reading the articles of campus life over the past 100 years, I know that many generations of Concordia graduates would smile too. For myself, I lived in Eberhart residence, and so many amazing memories were made there. Like the students in this article, we did not know the friendships, memories and campus life experience that would come from living at dorms. Dorms teach you things you do not know about yourself. Living in dorms pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way: I learned to socialize with different types of people, learned to study, and most importantly discovered who I was becoming as an adult.

The article notes “eating in the dining hall was great,” and I could not agree more. The cafeteria made it easy for dorm students to focus on their studies rather than focusing on always cooking their next meal. The cafeteria is full of healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. I will admit sometimes I miss the cafeteria food and not having to cook meals each day.

Reading through an archival document of Concordia’s dormitories and campus life, one thing in particular I noticed that has never changed is the compassion and love for students. I found it fascinating and inspiring that some dormitory students in the early 1950s lived in the upstairs of professors’ houses. This gift of housing shows the compassion and support Concordia’s professors had towards their students. I can proudly say, this is still evident seventy years later. The professors at Concordia are like no others, constantly showing support for their students’ success. I believe the core standard of support and compassion Concordia set for its students one hundred years ago has been maintained and even exceeded, and will continue to do so for another one hundred years.


About Jaeli

Jaeli Willoughby is a recent graduate and current student at Concordia University of Edmonton, with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in sociology and minoring in education with honours. Dreaming of becoming a teacher for many years, Jaeli is currently completing a Bachelor of Education after-degree at CUE, serving as President of its Education Students’ Society. Her determination and love for people is evident in every task she completes.


CUE Students and Alum to Make Their Own History

Concordia’s CUE 100 committee is very excited to feature the written work of several students and alumni as part of its centenary celebrations. As these celebrations continue, you can look forward to reading short articles by these writers on interesting aspects of Concordia’s history over the past century. Writers were given access to archival documents on particular topics which they were asked to summarize and personally respond to. You’ll be able to discover much about Concordia’s history and how it still resonates among us today. We hope you find these articles both informative and entertaining. Happy 100, Concordians!