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Why should I choose Concordia University of Edmonton’s Residence as my new home?

The answers to this question are simple:

  • Location, location, location. Our campus is located right at the intersection of Wayne Gretzky Drive and 112th Ave, making us easily accessible to/from downtown Edmonton (10-minute walk), Commonwealth Stadium (20-minute walk), and other major highways and attractions in the city. To the immediate south of our campus is the beautiful North Saskatchewan River which is surrounded by various parks and walking and biking trails that run through Edmonton.
  • The saying “Size Does Matter” rings true for Concordia University of Edmonton and its residence communities. Compared to other local universities with titanic student populations and campuses, the small and closely-knit size of our campus and residence halls mean that there is more interaction between residence students and the residence staff, the faculty, and other student affairs personnel. This makes for an enriched residential life experience and provides students with a feeling of belonging and connection.
  • Diverse student residence population: Our International Students’ Office also has a burgeoning list of partnerships with other universities all over the world. This results in a very diverse student residence population, and ultimately, plenty of cultural, educational, and personal interactions between Canadian students and international students living in residence from all over the globe.