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Residence FAQs

Why should I choose Concordia University of Edmonton’s Residence as my new home?

The answers to this question are simple:

  • Location, location, location. Our campus is located right at the intersection of Wayne Gretzky Drive and 112th Ave, making us easily accessible to/from downtown Edmonton (10-minute walk), Commonwealth Stadium (20-minute walk), and other major highways and attractions in the city. To the immediate south of our campus is the beautiful North Saskatchewan River which is surrounded by various parks and walking and biking trails that run through Edmonton.
  • The saying “Size Does Matter” rings true for Concordia University of Edmonton and its residence communities. Compared to other local universities with titanic student populations and campuses, the small and closely-knit size of our campus and residence halls mean that there is more interaction between residence students and the residence staff, the faculty, and other student affairs personnel. This makes for an enriched residential life experience and provides students with a feeling of belonging and connection.
  • Our International Students’ Office also has a burgeoning list of partnerships with other universities all over the world. This results in a very diverse student residence population, and ultimately, plenty of cultural, educational, and personal interactions between Canadian students and international students living in residence from all over the globe.

When can I apply for on-campus residence accommodation?

It is generally recommended that applicants submit a completed residence application as soon as they get a favourable admission decision from the university. Our application process is separate from the application process to academic programs at Concordia University of Edmonton. Therefore, applicants must submit a separate application for on-campus accommodation, while awaiting an admission decision to one of our programs. It should however be noted that if an prospective student’s application into a program is denied, their residence application is automatically nullified for that semester, and it is the applicant’s responsibility to notify the residence office promptly (only admitted students with proof of course registrations can reside in our on-campus residences).

How many rooms are available in the residences?

At the moment, our residence community can accommodate between 93 and 95 students, depending on the number of applicants confirmed every semester. There are two Co-ed halls (Founders and Eberhardt) and a female only (Wangerin House) residence.

What are the current costs associated with living in residence?

Residence Fees (per semester*):

  • Shared Room (Double Occupancy): $1,975.00
  • Single Room (Single Occupancy): $2,930.00

Declining Balance Meal Plan Options (per semester*)
Option A (Minimum): $1,760.00/semester (minimum non-refundable amount) (approximately 10 meals/week)
Option B (Regular): $2,420.00/semester (approximately 12 meals/week); ($1,760.00/semester non-refundable)
Option C (Varsity): $3,385.00/semester (approximately 14 meals/week); ($1,760.00/semester non-refundable)
Note: The balance of each semester’s residence fees and meal plan fees are due by the first day of classes in that semester. If you are accepted mid-year, a pro-rated fee will be calculated.

I am a mature student; can I still apply for on-campus accommodation?

Yes, you can, but it is worth noting that while we do accept applications from students of all ages, the majority of our students in residence are undergraduate students, usually in their first or second year of school, and have left home for their first time.

I am a student with a family; can I still apply for on-campus accommodation?

While we would love to accommodate students with families, our on-campus residence communities are not currently set up to accommodate students with families.

I am a student with special needs. Can I have my service animal live and work with me in the student residences?

Concordia University of Edmonton is committed to the inclusion and accommodation of students with disabilities. This includes the presence of service animals within all aspects of university life, including residence. Students are required to submit supporting documentation verifying their need of a service animal for reasons of a disability. This documentation is to be submitted to the Learning Accommodation Services office (LAS). The LAS office will review the documentation and communicate their recommendations to residence staff on whether the student should be permitted to bring the animal into residence.

Can I live in the residences and be exempted from the residence meal plan?

No. A meal plan is mandatory for all students living in our residence communities. If you have any food allergies or medical concerns, we recommend that you contact the Residence Life Coordinator directly, so that accommodations for your food preferences can be arranged with our cafeteria manager.

I have strict food/dietary restrictions or preferences. Who can I talk to with regard to my questions and concerns on this topic?

Please contact the Residence Life Coordinator directly regarding any questions or concerns about food/medical related concerns. Addressing students’ dietary concerns is and should be a process that involves the student, the cafeteria manager, and the residence life coordinator.

How and when is the roommate matching process done?

The roommate matching process is an on-going process. Information within submitted residence applications is reviewed, and the best possible match of preferences and personalities are made. Please note that not all preferences requested by students can be honoured. Being a student in residence comes with the expectation that individuals will learn to communicate, negotiate, and address their differences and expectations with potential roommate(s). At Concordia University of Edmonton, learning such skills is considered a natural part of the on-campus residence experience and the roommate matching process only serves as a tool to make life easier for all in residence.

Can I know the name(s) and other contact information of my roommate before school starts?

Due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), we are not permitted to release any personal information about anyone who is living in or has applied for Residence. Students will only obtain basic information about their roommate such as their names when they move into residence on move-in day.

I am an international student, can I move into the dorms before official move in day?

Students (international or domestic), will only be allowed into the residence halls on move-in day. Students who plan to arrive in Canada before move-in day are advised to seek alternate accommodation (family, friends, or hotels).

What can I bring or not bring during my move into the residences?

Please refer to our Residence Life Policies and Procedures for a list of what to bring or not bring.

Is parking guaranteed for residence students and what is the process for obtaining a parking pass/stall

No, parking for residence students with cars is not a guarantee. Concordia University of Edmonton’s Parking Services are now operated by an external company called Precise Park Link. These are available on a first come, first served basis, and must be purchased at http://concordia.preciseparklink.ca. We recommend that you purchase a parking spot as soon as you sign your Residence Contract.

Can I consume alcohol in residence or on campus?

Alcohol consumption is not permitted at any time within the university’s residences or on its campus. Students within our residences are subject to Alberta’s statutes governing the consumption of alcohol.  Open liquor is not permitted in hallways, lounges, and other common areas, and minors are not permitted to drink in the residences or anywhere on the university’s property.

Are the laundry machines in residence coin, token, or card operated?

Laundry machines in the residences are coin operated. It costs $1.75 and $1.25 to run one wash and one dry cycle, respectively. Students can obtain change for their laundry from the campus cafeteria, and at no charge to them.

How do I ensure that my mail gets to me?

Upon checking in to your room, you will be assigned a mailbox number, and your mailing address should read as follows:

Concordia University of Edmonton
Campus Mailbox #
7128 Ada Boulevard NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T5B 4E4

Am I allowed to have overnight guests?

Overnight guests are permitted as long as the consent and approval are obtained from the Residence Life Coordinator, and any roommates residing in the room in question. Guests are not permitted to stay for more than three nights in a row. Each resident can only host a guest for a maximum of 7 days in an academic year, subject to the Residence Life Coordinator’s terms and conditions. Every resident has the right and responsibility to ask uninvited visitors to leave their residence. If necessary, they can do this with the assistance of their respective Residence Assistant, or of Campus Security.