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Indigenous Steering Committee

Indigenous-led Committee

The Indigenous Steering Committee is an Indigenous-led group which directs, advises on, educates, consults, and engages with relevant parties to respectfully accommodate and integrate Indigenous worldviews, knowledge, practices, and perspectives.

Our Goal and Responsibilities

Our goal is to support the University in its efforts towards decolonization, Indigenization, and reconciliation by ensuring responsible, ethical, and intentional practices and initiatives as they pertain to Indigenous peoples, communities, and lands.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Provide learning opportunities to the many units of CUE;
  2. Review CUE policies and procedures;
  3. Create guiding documents for units and bodies within CUE that provide relevant information, background, and direction for practice and policy; and
  4. Responding to CUE community requests for advice, support, partnership and teaching.

Contact the Committee

If you would like to make a request or meet with CUE’s Indigenous Steering Committee, please email indigenoussteering@concordia.ab.ca.