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Spring & Summer Residence

Spring and Summer Residence Overview

CUE is pleased to provide students who are taking courses over the Spring and Summer terms with on-campus residence.

Our Spring and Summer residence is in Wangerin House and provides students with easy access to their classes, faculty, and on-campus support services like Learning and Career Services.

Spring and Summer Dates and Fees

The costs for the Spring and Summer terms are the same as for the regular academic year but prorated per term. The prices below reflect the cost for a single room and laundry fee, prorated for the duration of stay.

Term Academic Dates Residence Dates Cost
Spring 1 May 2 to May 20 May 1 to May 21 $530 (20 days)
Spring 2 May 24 to June 10 May 23 to June 17 $662 (25 days)
Gap Period N/A June 17 to July 13 $688 (26 days)
Summer 1 July 18 to August 5 July 14 to August 6 $609 (23 days)
Summer 2 August 8 to August 26 August 7 to August 27 $530 (20 days)
Full Session May 2 to August 26 May 1 to August 27 $3120 (118 days)

Some programs, like the Master of Education, may have different start and end dates. Please reach out to our office by email to confirm pricing for individual days. Generally, the cost of Spring and Summer residence is approximately $26.45 per night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What building and room type will I live in for Spring and Summer residence?

All of our Spring and Summer residence students will live in Wangerin House. Only single rooms are available for Spring and Summer residence.

Is a meal plan available in the Spring and Summer?

No. Food Services is closed over these months and no meal plan is available. Students will instead cook their meals in the Wangerin House kitchen. Spaces in Spring and Summer residence are limited to ensure appropriate access to kitchen facilities.

What if I am taking classes for multiple terms?

Students can stay in residence for multiple terms as long as they will be taking classes in each of these terms.

Exceptions will be made for students taking courses in terms that are not connected (e.g. Spring 1 and Summer 1). In this case, you will not need to move out for the term(s) in between when you are not taking courses but you will be responsible for payments as outlined above.

Can I stay in residence for the period of time between Spring 2 and Summer 1?

Yes. Residence remains open during this gap and students may remain in residence during this time as long as they are taking courses in both Spring 2 and Summer 1. Charges for this gap period are outlined above.

Do I need to pay the $75 laundry fee or $75 programming fee?

The $75 laundry fee is included in the prices listed above for each term and is also prorated accordingly. The $75 programming fee is not charged for Spring and Summer residence.

Will staff be available during Spring and Summer residence?

Yes. There are no Community Leaders during the Spring and Summer term, but the Residence Life & Services Coordinator is available to Spring and Summer residents to assist with any concerns.

Campus Security is also available 24/7/365 on campus for emergencies.

Maintenance and Custodial staff are also available in the Spring and Summer for any issues requiring their support.