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Our professors bring their specialist knowledge to the program based on current experience in the field. Typical of professional education delivery, faculty members are drawn from the wide range of expertise in the public health community. Many of our specialist adjuncts have been with the program since its beginning in 1995 and provide on-going commitment to the program. Their credibility in the field enables students to gain knowledge of the best practices and an introduction to the professional culture.

Director: Sandra Song, PhD
Associate Director: Nelson Fok, M.Sc., DEH, CPHI(C)
Program Coordinator: Tony Mak, M.Sc., CPHI(C)

Environmental Public Health:
Darren Barber, BSc, CPHI(C)
Fred Cundict, BSc, CPHI(C), CIC
Douglas C. Dover, MSc
Nelson Fok, MSc, DEH, CPHI(C)
Kirsten Goruk, BA
Pamela Kutuadu, BSc, BEH(AD), CPHI(C)
Tony Mak, MSc, CPHI(C)
Emmanuel Mapfumo, PhD
Robert O’Neill, LLB
Douglas Pankewich, MSc, P.Geol., P.Eng.
Allison Scott, PhD
Abdus Shakir, PhD
Michael Sidra, MBA, CPHI(C)
Glenn Sinclair, PhD
Sandra Song, PhD
James Talbot, MD, PhD

Public Health Graduate Certificates:
Richard Ford, PhD
Hasu Ghosh, PhD
Antigone Oreopoulos, PhD
Glenn Sinclair, PhD