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Antigone Oreopoulos

Antigone Oreopoulos, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Department of Public Health – Graduate Studies

Academic Credentials: PhD (University of Alberta), MBA (University of Alberta)

Antigone Oreopoulos was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She came to Alberta in 1996 to pursue a degree in physical therapy, which was completed in 2002. Antigone practiced as a physical therapist at the University of Alberta Hospital in the areas of cardiology and cardiac surgery for one year where she developed an interest in cardiovascular disease research. She went back to school to complete a Masters in Rehabilitation Science in 2006, and went on to complete her PhD in Public Health, specializing in clinical epidemiology, in August 2010 at the University of Alberta. Antigone’s research focused on patients with heart failure and how body composition may affect the course of the disease.

Antigone worked as a research assistant for the VP of Leading Practices and Innovation for Alberta Health Services in 2011 where she gained experience in the areas of Knowledge Management, Clinical Networks, and Care Pathways. She completed her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Technology Commercialization at the University of Alberta in December 2012.

Antigone is currently working as an epidemiologist and business developer for an Alberta-based public health informatics company called OKAKI Health Intelligence, Inc. Her areas of expertise are visual analytics and data management.