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Student Research Grants​

Concordia University of Edmonton offers student research grants to support collaborative student-professor research activities.

For all application forms, please send an email to: research@concordia.ab.ca and request an updated application form.

Allocation of funds to students for research purposes is governed by the following policy:

  1. All students registered at Concordia University of Edmonton shall be eligible to apply for a Student Research Grant from a special research fund established for this purpose, providing their application is sponsored by a permanent member of faculty and the appropriate Department. A limited number of grants shall be available each year. The total amount available from the fund for all such grants in any given year shall be limited by an allocation from yearly budgeted research funds by the Research and Faculty Development Committee.
  2. Research grants shall be awarded on the basis of merit. A system of ranking or rating applications shall be defined by the Council.
  3. Research grants for first-time applicants should be given priority when proposals are of equal merit.
  4. Grant monies may be used to pay for charges for publication, travel for research purposes, presentation at a conference for research dissemination, or similar activities approved by the Research and Faculty Development Committee. Normally the sponsoring faculty member would be expected to be involved in the research as a co-author.
  5. In evaluating applications, the Research and Faculty Development Committee may; 1) authorize the grant as requested, or 2) authorize a reduced grant, or 3) reject the application. In the event that there are an insufficient number of suitable applications, the special research fund may not be allocated entirely in any given year and will be returned to the general research fund. Awards will normally be limited to a maximum of $2,000 for undergraduate students and $2,500 for graduate students
  6. Graduate students are expected to apply first to the Alberta Graduate Students Travel Award
  7. The disposition of individual applications and decisions about the allocation of research funds shall be the responsibility of the Research and Faculty Development Committee. Any Committee member who has sponsored a pending application will not participate in the discussion and decision on the allocation of funds for that application. The Committee Chair may approach the Department for an alternate to replace the member who is temporarily withdrawing on grounds of conflict of interest. An additional advisory member may be appointed to the Committee by the Chair to consider proposals outside the expertise of existing Committee members.
  8. Students are limited to one successful application in any 12-month period. Students in receipt of grant funds from other sources to support the proposed activity are not eligible to apply. The number of grants available per Department per year will be monitored and revised on a yearly basis by the Research and Faculty Development Committee.

Applications should be submitted to research@concordia.ab.ca.