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Student Award Listings

2018 Awards

Faculty of Arts

February 2018

Bronte Diduck, Project: “Effects of Sex and Sport Participation”, $2000
Student Research Supervisor: Dr. Brian Rooney

Brett Fawcett, Conference Presentation: “​A Business Ethic of Joy”, $900
Student Research Supervisor: Dr. John Maxfield

Bethany McMillan, Conference Presentation: “Unprecedented Opportunity for Adolescent Girls in the Third Reich: The Bund Deutscher Mäde”, $1003
Student Research Supervisor: Dr. Tolly Bradford

Madison Perkins, Conference Presentation: “Trends of Blame in the Minds of Korean ‘Comfort Women'”, $891
Student Research Supervisor: Dr Tolly Bradford

Faculty of Management

March 2018

Sarvjot Kaur Kang, Conference Presentation: “An Implementation of Hierarchical Intrusion Detection Systems Using Snort and Federated Databases”, $2364
​Student Research Supervisor: Dr Dale Lindskog

Jasmeen Kaur Babrah, Conference Presentation: “Experimental analysis of behaviour of Cryto-Ransomware”, $1010
​Student Research Supervisor: Dr Fehmi Jaafar

February 2018

Jasmeen Boprai, Conference Presentation: “A Mechanism to Facilitate Counter Field Reset in Enhanced Watchdog Mechanism”, $2500
Student Research Supervisor: Dr Dale Lindskog

Jatesh Singh Jagraj, Conference Presentation: “Study of the Impact of Paranoia Levels on Effectiveness of ModSecurity Firewall CRS 3.0”, $815
Student Research Supervisor: Dr Pavol Zavarsky

Mayank Jaiswal, Conference Presentation: “Android Gaming Malware Detection Using System Call Behaviour Analysis”, $2500
​Student Research Supervisor: Dr Yasir Malik

Damilola Murtala, Conference Presentation: “Simulating Link Aggregation in Private Virtual LAN using OpenFlow SDN in Cloud Environment.”, $2200
​Student Research Supervisor: Dr Yasir Malik

Amanjot Sandhu​, Conference Presentation: “The risk of re-identification of healthcare data in data matching in Alberta”, $2500
Student Research Supervisor: Prof Ron Ruhl

January 2018

Tasha-Gaye Braham, Conference Presentation: “Reference Security Architecture for Body Area Network for Health Applications”, $650
Student Research Supervisor: Dr Sergey Butakov

Majinder Singh, Conference Presentation: “Analyzing Overhead from Security and Administrative Functions in Virtual Environments”, $550
Student Research Supervisor: Dr Sergey Butakov

Faculty of Science

April 2018

Brynne Gourlay, Conference Presentation: “Identification of conserved proteins in Nocardia brasiliensis and other actinomycetoma causative agents using a bioinformatic approach”, $460
Student Supervisor: Dr. Carla Salvado

February 2018

Charity Blaney, Project: “Vertibrate Habitat Selection”, $1080
Student Research Supervisor: Dr Mariola Janowicz

Juwayriya Abdullah: Conference Presentation: “Effect of Ataluren on MyoVIIA nonsense mutation”, $799
Student Research Supervisor: Dr Mariola Janowicz

Khadija Abdullah, Conference Presentation: “Blue LED Irradiation of MDA-MB-231 Cells”, $573
Student Research Supervisor: Dr Deborah Hemmerling

2017 Awards

Congratulations to our student researchers who were awarded research grants for 2017.  Those awarded are:

Faculty of Arts

Adrianna Blitterswyk, Project: Canadian Lutheran World Relief Global Encounter, $2000,
Student Supervisor: Steven Muir

Aliza Dadani, Conference presentation: “Community Research Developer”, $1,985
Student Supervisor: Dr. Wendy Pullin

Brett Fawcett, Conference presentation: “Ecumenical Dialogue between Catholic and Protestant Theologians”, $800
Student Supervisor: Dr. John Maxfield

Nadine Uwimana, Project: Challenges experienced by African students, especially those who come from countries with conflict, $2,000
Student Supervisor: Dr. Neil Querengesser

Faculty of Education

Hannuo Wu, Conference Presentation: “Unite Based Teaching Pedagogy”, $1000
​Student Research Supervisor: Dr Edgar Schmidt

Faculty of Management

Dilpreet Singh, Conference Presentation “Attack tree for modelling unauthorized transactions at POS terminals“, $2500
Student Supervisor:  Professor Ron Ruhl

Khaled Jewel, Project: Web Hosting Provider Role In Web Applications Security, $642,
Student Supervisor: Sergey Butakov

Babusaheb Khadiranaikar, Conference presentation: “Interprocess Communication and Android Security: Hybrid analysis to detect vulnerabilities”, $1800
Student Supervisor: Dr. Pavol Zavarsky

Harjot Kaur, Conference presentation: “Unauthorized Data Leakage”, $2,495.77
Student Supervisor: Dr. Pavol Zavarsky

Manpreet Kaur, Conference presentation: “Intrusion Response Systems”, $1,441
Student Supervisor: Dr. Dale Lindskog

Babusaheb Khadiranaikar, Project: Inter-process Communication in Android, $873
Student Supervisor: Dr. Dale Lindskog

Ruchi Mishra, Conference presentation: “Behavioural study of Malwares Impacting Financial Institutions”, $1850
Student Supervisor: Dr. Sergey Butakov

Rukayat O.Ibrahim, Conference presentation: “Mechanism for Detecting Selfish Nodes in a Mobile Ad hoc Network”, $1,441
Student Supervisor: Dr. Dale Lindskog

Julia Onchieku, Conference presentation: “COBIT 5 Based Audit Plan for CRM Systems”, $2,067
Student Supervisor: Dr. Sergey Butakov

Harshkumar Patel, Project: Temperature Management Systems, $836,
Student Supervisor: Dr. Pavol Zavarsky

Hasan Turaev, Conference presentation: “Prevention of Ransomware Execution in Enterprise Environment”, $1,107
Student Supervisors:Dr. Pavol Zavarsky, Dr. Bobby Swar

Faculty of Science

Ryleigh-Raye Wolf, Project: “Effect of Wildfires on Mobilization of Heavy Metals in Northern Alberta’s Peatland Boreal Forest“, $850
Student Research Supervisor: Dr. Xin Chen, Dr. Patrick Kamau, and Dr. Rhett Clark

Owen Woycenko, Project: “Evaluating a Computational Model of RNA Thermosensor Folding Using GFP Reporter System In Vivo”, $2500
Student Research Supervisor: Dr Carla Salvado

Sydney Hucalak, Project: Effect of 6 degree temperature increase on submerged macrophytes biomass in a Northern Alberta lake, $408.45
Student Supervisor: Dr. Mariola Janowicz

Juwayriya Abdullahi, Project: Effect of Ataluren on MyoVIIA nonsense mutation, $538.84
Student Supervisor: Dr. Mariola Janowicz