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Important Deadlines

Important Deadlines for Applications for Research Funds



StreamProject/DisseminationFunding sourceMaximum amount per grantDeadline for applications
SeedProjectCUE Budget$5,000 per year, in combination with ImpactOctober 1
February 1
May 15
ImpactDisseminationCUE Budget$5,000 per year, in combination with SeedOctober 1
February 1
May 15
SSHRC SIG ExploreProjectSSHRC Institutional Grant$4,000April 30
Sept. 30 (closed)
SSHRC SIG ExchangeDisseminationSSHRC Institutional Grant$1,500April 30
Sept. 30 (closed)
ASUDissemination/ProjectSSHRC Aid to Small Universities grant (Awarded to CUE President 01Dec2013)Not availableNot available
Reduction in TeachingResearch purposesCUE Budget (Collective Agreement)12 hours max./YrNovember 15
Sabbatical leaveResearch purposesCUE Budget (Collective Agreement)12 hours max./YrOctober 1
Gerald S. Krispin Research AwardN/ACUE President OfficeN/AJanuary 15
Visiting Research ProfessorshipResearchCUE Budget2 weeks to 3 month stayCase-by-case basis



 Project/DisseminationFunding sourceMaximum amount per grantDeadline for applications
Student Research GrantProject/DisseminationCUE BudgetUndergraduate $1,000 per year

Graduate $2,000 per year
March 15, November 15




Funding ProgramInternal CUE ORS DeadlineNSERC DeadlineExternal Signature Page requirement
Alliance Grant (NEW-substitutes Engage program)TBDTBDYes
Research Tools and Instruments Grants ProgramOctober 16October 25Yes
Discovery Grants Notice of IntentNoneAugust 1No
Discovery GrantsOctober 18November 1Yes
DND/Discovery Grant SupplementsOctober 18November 1Yes



Funding ProgramInternal CUE ORS DeadlineSSHRC DeadlineExternal Signature Page requirement
Connection GrantsJuly 18August 1Yes
Connection Grants: Research Data Management Capacity Building InitiativeJuly 18August 1Yes
Insight Development GrantsTBDFebraury (TBD)Yes
Insight GrantsOctober 4October 15Yes
Partnership Engage GrantsJune 6, 2019
September 6, 2019
December 1, 2019
June 15, 2019
September 15, 2019
December 15, 2019
Connection GrantsJuly 18August 1Yes


Other external funding sources can be found here.