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Important Deadlines

Important Deadlines for Applications for Research Funds



StreamProject/DisseminationFunding sourceMaximum amount per grantDeadline for applications
SeedProjectCUE Budget$5,000 per year, in combination with ImpactOctober 1
February 1
May 15
ImpactDisseminationCUE Budget$5,000 per year, in combination with SeedOctober 1
February 1
May 15
SSHRC SIG ExploreProjectSSHRC Institutional Grant$4,000April 30
Sept. 30 (closed)
SSHRC SIG ExchangeDisseminationSSHRC Institutional Grant$1,500April 30
Sept. 30 (closed)
ASUDissemination/ProjectSSHRC Aid to Small Universities grant (Awarded to CUE President 01Dec2013)Not availableNot available
Reduction in TeachingResearch purposesCUE Budget (Collective Agreement)12 hours max./YrNovember 15
Sabbatical leaveResearch purposesCUE Budget (Collective Agreement)12 hours max./YrOctober 1
Gerald S. Krispin Research AwardN/ACUE President OfficeN/AJanuary 15
Visiting Research ProfessorshipResearchCUE Budget2 weeks to 3 month stayCase-by-case basis



 Project/DisseminationFunding sourceMaximum amount per grantDeadline for applications
Student Research GrantProject/DisseminationCUE BudgetUndergraduate $1,000 per year

Graduate $2,000 per year
March 15, November 15




Funding ProgramInternal CUE ORS DeadlineNSERC DeadlineExternal Signature Page requirement
Alliance Grant (NEW-substitutes Engage program)Seven working days before sponsor deadlineStarting on December 11, 2019 (Option 1 only)Yes
Research Tools and Instruments Grants ProgramOctober 16October 25Yes
Discovery Grants Notice of IntentNoneAugust 1No
Discovery GrantsOctober 18November 1Yes
DND/Discovery Grant SupplementsOctober 18November 1Yes



Funding ProgramInternal CUE ORS DeadlineSSHRC DeadlineExternal Signature Page requirement
Connection GrantsJuly 18August 1Yes
Connection Grants: Research Data Management Capacity Building InitiativeJanuary 23rdFebruary 1stYes
Insight Development GrantsJanuary 23rdFebraury 2ndYes
Insight GrantsOctober 4October 15Yes
Partnership Engage GrantsJune 6
September 6
December 1
March 5
June 15
Sept 15
Dec 15
March 15
Connection GrantsJuly 18August 1Yes


Other external funding sources can be found here.