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COVID-19 Information for the CUE Community

Internal Research Grants

The Office of Research Services manages the Internal Research Grant Program at Concordia University of Edmonton. The architecture of the Internal Research Grant Program aligns with the format and requirements of major research sponsors, including the Tri-Agency of Canada (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC). Under this framework, application and adjudication of awards is streamlined and merit-based.

We encourage eligible CUE Faculty Members to apply to one of our two existing streams: Impact and Seed. We currently have three calls for applications per year, subject to revision and funding availability. These internally-funded awards are adjudicated upon review by the Research and Faculty Development Committee.

Covid-19: Important notice on Internal Research Grants. March 19th, 2020

Due to the inability to fulfill the purpose of the awarded funds, we have recalled all active awards for the Impact and SSHRC (SIG) Exchange streams. Faculty members who hold active awards will be contacted directly with instructions on the next steps. The ORS has made the decision not to allow conference-switching (i.e., attending a different conference from that which was the subject of the original award). Further, no extensions will be granted to existing Impact and SIG-Exchange awards.

Travel using Seed or SIG-Explore (project) funds is on hold until further notice.

We have made the decision not to release a call for applications under the Impact or SIG-Exchange streams in April and May, 2020. Project grants under the Seed and SIG-Explore streams will continue normally (more information will be released via Inside CUE).


Three competitions are held per year. October 1st | February 1st | May 15th.  

The next deadline for applications is May 15, 2020.

Grant Streams

Under this program architecture, there are two grant streams: Impact Grants for Knowledge Mobilization activities and Seed Grants for short-term research initiatives.  In May, 2020 we will launch the Natural Sciences and Engineering (CUE-NSE) Grant stream (Pilot).

Adjudication Rubrics

Applications will be evaluated and available funds awarded through a competitive process. The rubric used for assessment is available in the guidelines. The total funding envelope is set by the institution’s annual budget. Because this funding is limited, the demand for funds normally exceeds the funds available and not all proposals can be awarded.

Applications & Guidelines

Impact Grants

Impact Grants support knowledge mobilization activities that move research knowledge into outcomes and impact in academia and in the community. These funds support short-term, targeted KMb activities such as presentations at conferences, workshops, juried artistic exhibits, oral histories, interactive, digital and video technologies, commissioned reports, knowledge syntheses, and other forms of connecting and disseminating research knowledge.

Application forms and Guidelines are subject to change regularly. Please consult these links for the most recent versions.

Next Deadline: Suspended until further notice

Seed Grants

Seed Grants provide funding for faculty research projects, particularly those that have the potential to lead to applications to external funding agencies. Grants awarded through this fund serve as seed funding to carry out essential developmental work that will be used in developing research programs and preparing applications for external funding opportunities. Seed Grants are intended to build and sustain a vibrant research culture at Concordia University of Edmonton and to develop and support research and innovation, and enhancing CUE competitiveness.

Next Deadline: May 15, 2020 |  Application >>  |  Guidelines>>

CUE-NSE Grants (Pilot)

The CUE-NSE Grants provide funding for eligible faculty in the Natural Sciences and Engineering for research projects aimed at supporting the preparation of applications for NSERC Grants in the Discovery and Alliance Programs. Information on this Pilot Program will be released soon via Inside CUE. If successful, CUE-NSE Grants will become an additional stream of the Internal Research Grant Program. We expect that there will only be a single competition for funds in this stream per year.

Next Deadline: May 15th, 2020 | To obtain an application package, please email the Office of Research Services

Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Award

Recipients of CUE Internal Research Grants must acknowledge and accept the terms of the award. A signed Acknowledgement and Acceptance of the Award, included in the Letter of Award, must be returned to the Office within 10 days of receipt; otherwise, the award will be considered forfeited and the funds will be returned to CUE.


A final report on the research activities funded by internal research grants must be submitted to the Office of Research Services within 30 days of the end date of the award. Grant recipients must submit a final report in order to be eligible for future internal research grant funding.

Impact Grant and Seed Grant Final Report Form

Duplicate requests for fundings

IMPORTANT: CUE does not allow duplicate funding requests. Therefore, applications with significant conceptual and/or budgetary overlap with existing awards, internal or external, will not be accepted. If you have applied for, or are considering applying for additional funds, internal or external, to support the research that you are submitting for consideration for the competition, you are required to disclose it to the Office of Research Services and include this information in the appropriate sections of the application form.

Read CUE’s Internal Research Grant Policy here.