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Awards Listing

Congratulations to the following researchers who have received Internal Research Grants in 2017. Those awarded are:

Faculty of Arts

  • Steven Muir, Research Visit to Baylor University and University of Edinburgh and Conference presentations: “Pilgrimage to Ancient Rome” and “Accessing Divine Power and Status”, $3200
  • Travis Dumsday, Conference presentation: “Gunk and the Debate Over Irreductable Determinables”, $1250
  • Tolly Bradford, Missionaries, Religion, and Treaties Six, $2,274
  • Valerie Henitiuk, St. Jerome Conference 2017 – A Celebration of Translation, $1,956
  • Danielle Lisboa, For a Greater Enchantment: Memories, Imagery, and Rituals of the Xucuru-Kariri of Palmeira dos Indios, Brazil, $5,000
  • John Maxfield, Research Visit to Herzog August Bibliotek in Wolfenbuttel, $3,373
  • Steven Muir, Research Visit to University of Oxford and Conference presentation: “Jeremiah as a Role Model for Paul the Theologian”, $3200
  • Elizabeth Smythe, Conference presentation: “Building Bridges to Alternative Food Systems”, $1,115

Faculty of Education

  • Brent Bradford, Investigation of Student Wellness on a University Campus, $5,000
  • Brent Bradford, Teacher Clothing in Physical Education, $250

Faculty of Science

  • Sandra Song, Simulation prototypes efficacy in improving response times and judgement in Environmental Health, $5000
  • Xin Chen, Conference presentation: “Environmental Geography and Dynastic Cycles of Ancient China”, $2,259
  • Vladimir Pitchko, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Program, $250

Faculty of Management

  • Mark Loo, Conference presentation: “Comparative Analysis of Global Competitiveness Between BRICs and Canada: Implications for Businesses”, $863
  • Shaun Aghili, Conference presentation: “A Proposed Assurance Model to Assess Security and Privacy Risks in IaaS and PaaS Environments”, $2,775
  • Sergey Butakov, Conference presentation: “Audit Plan for Patch Management”, $2,398
  • Dale Lindskog, Honeywords Generation Program, $500
  • Mark Loo, Conference presentation: “Association of South East Asia Implications for Small and Medium Enterprises”, $2,415
  • Mark Loo, Conference presentation: “Market Focus for Performance Excellence”, $1,722
  • Bobby Swar, Enhanced fingerprinting and identification for Internet of Things, $5000
  • Ashish Thomas, Stakeholder Management in IT for Oil and Gas Industry, $408
  • Pavol Zavarsky, Conference presentation: “Security of e-government services”, $3,777