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Expense Claims

Concordia University of Edmonton is in the process of developing its internal Policy and Procedure for Responsible Use of Funds, which will align to a large extent with the procedures and requirements outlined in the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide with respect to financial compliance and research funds. All expense claims relating to research activity must be signed by the claimant, the Budget Control Officer (usually the grant holder) where relevant, and finally must be approved by the Vice President Academic and Provost. Claims in the following areas require this approval:

a) External research grants (for example, SSHRC, NSERC, and all others).

b) Internal research grants (including Seed and Explore, SSHRC-SIG grants, ASU grants, student research grants, and all other internal grants).

The procedure for submitting claims is as follows:

1) Ensure that the claim is consistent with eligible expenses as outlined in the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide.

2) Ensure that you have used the correct claim form. The form must be current or the claim will not be processed. Current forms can be found under Employees, in the Finance folder in Alfresco.

3) Ensure that you have provided all supporting documentation, including all receipts, boarding passes for travel, and full descriptive information on the purpose and nature of the expense claim and how it relates to the funded research.

4) Submit your expense claim to the Office of Research Services, where it will be reviewed for compliance.  Once compliance has been verified, the claim will be submitted for approval from the Vice President Academic and Provost. Approved claims will be then forwarded to Finance for final processing.

It is essential that your claim contains the current form, adequate and full documentation such as receipts and boarding passes, and adequate descriptions as to the nature and purpose of the expense. Claims that do not provide this or do not follow the procedure outline above will not be processed.

Questions may be directed to the Office of Research Services.

Current Forms and Links

Current forms, policies and procedures can be found in Alfresco. Non-employees and students can obtain the forms via email from the Office of Research Services.

Powerpoint presentation on Tri-Agency Financial Administration

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