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Professional Development

The Office of Research Services assists faculty members at Concordia University of Edmonton in improving their teaching. The service is available to all faculty members and sessional instructors on a voluntary, self-referral basis.

Recognizing that meaningful professional development in the area of teaching occurs when activities are focused on specifics and engagement is sustained over a period of time, the Office of Research Services offers assistance to instructors in two ways. Instructors who wish to are welcome to engage in one or both of the following:

  1. Professional Development Group Sessions: These are offered as a series of sessions throughout the academic year with tasks to be completed by attendees between sessions.
  2. Personal Professional Growth Plans: In consultation with the Vice President Academic, instructors construct a personal plan for professional development targeted at their specific needs. This plan is self-monitored and self-assessed. Support for specific activities outlined in the plan will be available from the Office of Research Services as resources permit.

To take advantage of the services, university employees may contact Dr. Valerie Henitiuk in the Academic Administration Office at vpacademic@concordia.ab.ca.

Concordia University Edmonton and MacEwan University have signed an agreement that provides a framework for faculty from both institutions to engage in shared faculty development opportunities. In practice this means that Concordia University of Edmonton faculty are welcome to participate in the various workshops offered by MacEwan CAFE, and faculty at MacEwan University are invited to participate in faculty learning opportunities offered by us. Those with an instructional role, including sessional instructors, teaching administrators, adjunct professors, and librarians are welcome to participate.

How to attend an professional learning event at MacEwan University:

  1. Locate the professional learning opportunity you want to attend in the current programming guide.
  2. Follow the links in the MacEwan University Programming Guide to register. You must register using your Concordia University of Edmonton email address as that will identify you to the session administrator at MacEwan University.
  3. Complete the Concordia Faculty Consent Waiver and Indemnity Form. Concordia University of Edmonton faculty may not attend MacEwan University events unless this form is completed and forwarded to Dr. Valerie Henitiuk.
  4. Attend and enjoy the event!

Concordia University of Edmonton encourages and contributes financially to professional development activities for permanent stream faculty members and non-faculty staff through the annual allocation of funds to a Professional Development Account held at the institutional level.

The Professional Development Account is allocated primarily on the basis of salaried (permanent and term) employees as follows.

For faculty (advanced study/conferences) $1,250.00 annually
For faculty (on sabbatical) $2,500.00 annually
For academic staff officer

(i.e. lab instructors, practicum and/or field experience coordinators)

$1,000.00 annually
For academic (non-faculty)

support staff employees

$750.00 annually
For part-time employees  Proportionate to his/her appointment

Read the full guidelines relating to the Professional Development Account.