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Focus on Women

Focus and Mandate of the Group: Focus on Women Research Cluster

The Focus on Women Research Cluster is an interdisciplinary group that has attracted faculty, staff, and students who share an interest in the lives and concerns of women. Researchers will have a forum to present and share their work with an eclectic audience. The group may be viewed as a sounding board for individuals and groups to publicly share their research work and receive helpful feedback. In addition, we will serve as an appreciative and supportive audience to women’s creative and artistic work. Finally, community members will join us to discuss applied projects of concern to women.


  1. To facilitate an awareness of many political and personal issues (both historical and current) that are of particular concern to women, while providing an opportunity to discuss them openly in a supportive atmosphere.
  2. To provide a forum for scholars that will serve as a sounding board for colleagues and students who are developing and presenting their research or artistic works.
  3. To learn from, and be inspired by, scholars in multiple disciplines.
  4. To create learning opportunities for students and a venue for them to develop and present their research ideas and creative projects.
  5. To connect with community groups to create research or artistic partnerships with Concordia scholars.

Group Members

  • Wendy Pullin – Professor, Psychology
  • Linda Van Netten Blimke – Assistant Professor, English
  • Dan Mirau – Library Director
  • Dorothy Steffler – Professor, Dept. Chair, Psychology
  • Uzma Williams – Sessional Instructor, Psychology
  • Alison Kulak – Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Lisa Micheelsen – Sessional Instructor, Classics
  • Valerie Henitiuk – Vice President Academic & Provost, Professor, English
  • InHee C. Berg – Chair, Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Dorothy Woodman – Sessional Instructor
  • Elizabeth Smythe – Professor
  • Jacqueline Wagner – Undergraduate student
  • Aliza Dadani – Undergraduate student
  • Kiara Krawec – Undergraduate, Alumna
  • Tanya Jansen – Undergraduate, Alumna
  • Katherine Dunford – Undergraduate, Alumna

Friends of the Cluster

  • Karen Cooper – Associate Professor, University of Toronto
  • Laurence Masse – Associate Professor, Université Paris 8, Vincennes Saint-Denis
  • Paula Guerra – University of Porto

Guest Participant

  • Dr. Kristine Kowalchuk – NAIT

Partner Institutions

  • Université Paris 8, Vincennes Saint-Denis
  • University of Toronto
  • Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (Edmonton)
  • In-Motion Network (Edmonton)
  • Women’s Advocacy of Edmonton (WAVE) (Edmonton)


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