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MISAM Program Schedule

Finish MISAM in 20 Month

Normal schedule for full-time students starting in the fall term expecting to complete the MISAM program in 20 months

Term I: (YEAR 1)

ISSM 541 Management Accounting (3rc)

ISAM 512 Financial Accounting, Governance and Assurance (3cr)

ISAM 549 Auditing Theory and Application (3cr)

ISAM 542 Fraud Examination: Theories and Methods (3cr)

TOTAL: 12cr

Term II: (YEAR 1)

ISAM 521 Information Systems Audit I(3cr)

ISAM 522 Information Systems Audit II (3cr)

ISSM 551 Disaster Planning and Recovery (3cr)

ISSM 521 TCP/IP Security (3cr)

ISSM 553 Risk Management (3cr)

TOTAL: 15cr

Term III: (Spring/Summer, YEAR1)

ISSM 538 Research Methods I (3cr)

ISSM 543 Systems Development and Project Management (3cr)

Elective course (3cr)

Elective course (3cr)

TOTAL: 12cr

Term IV: (YEAR 2)

ISSM 545 Security Policies, Standards and Management (3cr)

ISAM 558 Research Methods II (9cr)

TOTAL: 12cr

Term V: (YEAR 2)

ISAM 581 Research Project in Subject Area (9 cr)


TOTAL for the program: 60cr

Please note the following restrictions set by the department:

  • Students cannot take more than 12 credit hours during the first term they admitted to the program
  • Students cannot take more than 12 credit hours during Spring / Summer term