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Graduate Management Students

Demonstrating Skills In and Out of the Classroom

The Faculty of Management comprises students in the following graduate programs:

  • Master of Information Systems Security Management – MISSM
  • Master of Information Systems Assurance Management – MISAM
  • Graduate Diploma Information Assurance – GDIA
  • Graduate Diploma Information Security – GDIS

Given the large numbers of students in the programs, many have held Graduate Student Association (GSA) executive positions. One of the more memorable events that the GSA organized and hosted was a “Table Tennis Afternoon” in 2019, where a round-robin tournament was played.

Before the students took to the table to play an impressive tournament, Dr. Tim Loreman (President), Dr. Colin Neufeldt (Dean of Graduate Studies) and Dr. Alison Yacyshyn (Dean, Faculty of Management), played a mini tournament that started off friendly, but then turned entertainingly competitive. Although the students did not want to pick a favourite administrator to win, their cheers were so motivational that the game soon turned serious. The student’s tournament followed suit – the initial games were perhaps more fun, but as the rounds passed, the intensity of winning became more apparent. The level of play ranged from beginner to advanced!

Over the years, the students in the MISSM/MISAM/GDIS/GDIA programs have exhibited collegiality and camaraderie, both in class and while having fun. Events that have been held have been well attended and memorable, like the unforgettable “Table Tennis Afternoon” tournament!