Exhibits & Events

Requesting CUE Library’s Gallery Space (Main Fl)

  • Events are not permitted in the library during fall and winter term final exam periods
  • Events are not permitted on the 2nd floor, Mezzanine, or 3rd floor of the library
  • Guest capacity is set to 55 seated
  • Loud music is not permitted
  • Events must remain open to the entire CUE community
  • Only CUE faculty and staff are permitted to host events in the CUE Library
  • Event organizers are required to be present for the duration of their event
Please note: CUE Library is NOT responsible for arranging furniture and audiovisual setup or takedown, catering, clean up, security, or promotion of events.
  • Please email library@concordia.ab.ca with a description of your event to see if the library’s gallery space is available.

Upcoming Events & Exhibits at the CUE Library