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Intensive English Summer Program (IESP)

IESP was a very good experience in general. I really improved my English skills; I have to improve more to reach my goal but this summer school helped me a lot. Thanks to our teacher. We worked very well with her. It is important to have a good teacher if you are learning a new language, with new people, in a new city.


I learned about Canadian Culture and multiculturalism and how it’s being lived here. I would definitely recommend this program because it’s important for personal growth and development. Thank you for a great summer!


I enjoyed the Intensive English Summer Program very much. It was very interesting to study here. I didn’t like working in a team before this program. Now I feel more confident when I speak English. The best part of the program was watching the Eskimos game at the stadium. The game really impressed me.


I really enjoyed the IESP program. It was awesome for me. I learned a lot of new vocabulary and new culture. I gained friends. This program is perfect for me.

– Esat

Overall I enjoyed the IESP program because of the amount of different topics given. Also the new vocabulary is very useful in routine life as well as in specific situations. Other people should consider attending this program because it helps to break barriers and people might gain confidence in their speech.


I very much enjoyed this program and I learned so many things. I think the best part is the class time. In class we learned and practiced so much. Also our teacher is a very good teacher.


The program is quite complete and intensive. The best part for me was the activities. My favorite was the trip to Jasper but all the activities were awesome. I learned to read, write, talk and even think in English and I am really satisfied. I met people from different countries and their cultures, I really enjoyed spending time with them. This program will help me with my future because I gained major knowledge of this language. I only need to say that this experience was unforgettable and I wouldn’t change anything.

– Ariel