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Sign up for the Buddy Program

What is the Buddy Program?

  • The Buddy Program is a mentoring friendship between current CUE students and incoming exchange/international students
  • The idea is to create a bond between students so that international and exchange students are not alone for their first steps in Canadian student life, and Canadian students can enhance their inter-cultural skills and volunteer hours by engaging with their international peers
  • Buddies offer a friendly face, helping hand, and first Edmonton friendship that can make a significant difference for new arrivals.
  • Buddies can also offer linguistic support, cultural guidance and information about life at
  • There is  no hard deadline for signing up, although it’s important for both volunteers and new students to sign up before the term begins in order to ensure a smooth pairing.
  • Pairing is done all through the year as per demand and availability of buddies. Signing up for the program does not guarantee that you will be paired with a buddy.



  • Each Buddy will be presented with a Certificate for the volunteer hours in the Buddy Program.
  • Hours volunteered in the CUE Buddy Program will count towards volunteer hours for the CUE Commitment Program.
  • The Buddy Program provides students with chances for a genuine intercultural exchange, and gives the participants the possibility to meet new friends and build relationships all around the world.
  • In addition to make international students feel welcomed and comfortable at Concordia, it would also raise Canadian students’ awareness about going abroad and encourage them to do


How does it work?

  • Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/jQLKvp2xGXGsKYul2
  • Once you sign up, we will try to match you up with a Buddy based on hobbies, program of study or other factors
  • Please note that signing up for the program does not guarantee a buddy since it depends on how many students sign up.
  • Buddies are encouraged to touch base once a week at least – even if that means a quick text or a phone call.
  • Buddy activities could include: trips around the city, attend a free yoga class on campus, attend a CUE athletic or cultural event, dinner at a famous Edmonton eatery, a trip to the museum, a walk along the river, a visit to the museum or art gallery or a quick photo session near the Legislature building! Once you get to know each other you can come up with activities you both enjoy!