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Jennifer Braun

Dr. Jennifer Braun
Assistant Professor, Sociology
Email: jennifer.braun@concordia.ab.ca
Office: HA325

Education and Interests

PhD, Sociology, 2019, University of Alberta
MSc, Environmental Sociology, 2012, University of Alberta
BA, International Development Studies, 2008, University of Winnipeg

Research Areas

  • Canadian immigration, immigrant serving organizations, policy and public funding
  • Small centre and rural immigration
  • LGBTQ2A+ refugee settlement and integration
  • Women in leadership
  • Agriculture and food studies

Teaching and Research Interests

My research focuses on immigration and settlement in Canada, landing patterns, and how immigrant serving organizations (ISOs) are funded across the country. My current area of immigration research is focused on the Albertan immigration landscape, federal and provincial regionalization programs, state funding, the changes in landing patterns to areas outside of major urban centres, and the experiences of small centres supporting newcomers to rural Alberta. The next stage of my research will involve understanding the experience of newcomers in small centres within Alberta and why they chose to stay and settle in these jurisdictions, despite the unique challenges settling outside of a major city presents.

I have taught a wide variety of sociology courses including Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, Gender and Society, Race and Ethnic Relations, Qualitative Methods, Sociology of Health and Illness, and Feminism and Popular Culture. I approach all of my teaching through an anti-oppression pedagogical framework and am committed to anti-racist, equity-based principles and practices throughout all course design and assessment.

Select Publications, Reports, and Invited Talks

Braun, Jennifer and Dominique Clement. (2023) “”Immigrant Settlement and Integration in Canada: Trends in Public Funding” Journal of Canadian Studies. In press.

Braun, Jennifer, Mary Beckie, Ken Caine (2019). “Trust Us, We Feed This to our Kids: Women and Public Trust in the Canadian Agri-Food System” Agriculture and Human Values. 37(2). 495-507

Braun, Jennifer and Dominique Clement (2019). “Immigrant and Refugee Settlement in Canada: Trends in Federal Funding” Report prepared for the Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies.

“Immigration and Refugee Settlement in Canada: Trends in Public Funding”, CYRRC-

LERN (Canada-Germany Research Collaboration) Conference, Munich, Germany. September, 2019.

“Anti- Racism and Reconciliation Through a Lens of Mental Health”. Panelist. Edmonton Public Schools, Eastglen Catchment. Edmonton, October 2022.