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Reopening CUE for the 2020-21 Academic Year

Concordia Institute of Christian Studies and Society

Concordia University of Edmonton’s Institute of Christian Studies and Society facilitates the research, study, and discussion of Christian studies and societal issues across academic disciplines and to the public arena. The Institute engages scholars, students, and community members in a variety of projects and presentations.

The Institute’s mandate is to develop and enhance informed connections amongst the academic world, various branches of Christianity, other religions, local communities, and society at large.

Concordia University of Edmonton is a community of learning which promotes freedom of research and open discussion.  We provide a welcoming and respectful environment where world views and perspectives are voiced and studied.  We affirm the value of what is often called a liberal education — a broadly-based system which prepares students to contribute meaningfully to society.

The Concordia University of Edmonton’s Institute of Christian Studies and Society offers a variety of ways to interact with it:

  • Resident Academic Fellows: Members of Concordia University of Edmonton’s faculty comprise the Resident Academic Fellows of the Institute. Some of these faculty members serve on the Institute’s Advisory Council and are responsible for its regular affairs.
  • Visiting Academic Fellows: Faculty from other institutions (who deal with Christianity within any field of research), are invited to join the Institute as visiting academic fellows to facilitate their academic research. These fellowships may be short-term or on-going.  Visiting Fellows are expected to present their research in a public forum, and to participate in the events of the Institute.  To apply, please submit your CV, a letter of intent, and a description of your research project(s) to Dr. Steven Muir, the Director of the Institute.
  • Global Partners: The Institute encourages sharing and collaborative projects with its global partners. Edmonton-born media guru Marshall McLuhan in the 1960’s envisioned a time when people would be connected through media.  He called this network of communication and relationships the “global village.”  At Concordia University of Edmonton, we are putting this principle into practice.  Please contact Dr. Steven Muir for more information.
  • Student Members: Students from any institution are invited to participate in upcoming discussion groups and projects as student members. Please submit a letter of interest and description of your present studies to Dr. Jonathan Strand.
  • Community Members: Community members are invited to support the Institute as community members and participate in public presentations, addressing the academic study and practical matters in Christianity and other religions, particularly in relation to ethics, societal affairs, and current events.

If you have any questions or have an interest in participating in this initiative, please contact:

Academics and community members; please contact the Director of the Institute, Dr. Steven Muir.

Students and church groups; please contact Dr. Jonathan Strand.

See the Edmonton Journal article highlighting the opening of the Institute.

See the Panel discussion on the topic of physician-assisted suicide presented by Concordia’s Institute for Christian Studies and Society.

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